Garfield Television

"The Garfield Show"
The all-new Animated CGI Cartoon Introduces the Sarcastic Cat to New Audiences Around the Globe


The all-new animated TV show in CGI and HD was introduced in France in 2008 on France 3 network and is now seen in 211 territories!

Designed to entertain kids of all ages, the show revolves around a typical day-in-the-life of the surly cat and the charactes that inhabit his world.

To date, the show's library includes 105 26-minute shows including 12 specials, 78 songs, and 52 shorts. A production of Dargaud Media and Paws, Inc., the show is produced and animated in Paris, France under the direction of Philippe Vidal, creative director.

Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, and Mark Evanier, a writer for the highly successful "Garfield and Friends" TV show (CBS) are behind the writing team of "The Garfield Show," which includes French nationalist writers Julien Magnat, Philippe Vidal, and Peter Berts. 

Since its debut in France, the show attracted a record audience for the network.  In the U.K, the debut show became the top rated show on the network, and in the US, PEOPLE magazine called the show "One of the best new kids' shows of the year."

"Garfield and Friends"

CBS Saturday morning standout for 7 years running!

"Garfield and Friends" made its debut on CBS television in September 1988 and there it reigned for 7 years. The show was the top rated show for ALL of Saturday morning. A total of 121 episodes featured Garfield, his owner Jon, and Odie, the dimwitted but lovable dog.  An added feature was the inclusion of U.S. Acres, which starred Orson the pig, Wade the duck, Roy the rooster, and Booker the chick. 

The show was produced by Film Roman in association with  United Feature Syndicate and Paws, Inc.  Mark Evanier served as head writer.  Lorenzo Music, famous for his role as Carlton the Doorman on the "Rhoda" show, played the voice of Garfield.

"Garfield and Friends" is currently in syndication worldwide and available digitally on Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and more.  Additionally, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released the episodes on five DVD sets.

The Prime-time Specials

Garfield pounced from the comics pages to the small screen on October 25, 1982 in his first prime-time special, "Here Comes Garfield."  More than 40 million people tuned in to watch the comic-strip cat come to life, pushing the show into the top ten and catapulting Garfield into TV superstardom. 

The corpulant cat with the oversized ego was happy to hog the spotlight and twelve top-rated prime-time specials follwed over the next ten years.  The shows were honored by several Emmy nominations with Garfield winning the coveted statuette four times.