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Garfield Q-Score

The Q-Score* answers the question, "How familiar is the character, and how appealing is the character among those who are familiar?"

94 % of people surveyed were familiar with Garfield, putting him in the TOP 5% of most familiar characters!

In terms of appeal, Garfield ranks in the TOP 8% of cartoon, comic strip, and comic book characters, and in the TOP 11% of all 586 characters, including movie, TV, video game, and advertising characters included in the study.

Garfield's Q-Score = 38!  Equal to or GREATER THAN:  Sesame Street (38)  Donald Duck (37)   Spider-Man (36)    SpongeBob (31)   Angry Birds (27)  Hello Kitty (18)  Dora the Explorer (18)

Garfield's Familiar Score by Gender and Age

In familiarity, Garfield outscores the average character score in every single demographic.  With boys and girls 9-11, Garfield scores 55% higher than the average character.  With Boys 6-8, Garfield scores 58% higher than the norm.  With 18-34 females, Garfield scores 69% higher.

Moms of kids 9-11 gave Garfield a 48% higher Q-Score than the average score of all characters in the study.

Garfield's Q-score with boys 9-11 is 41% higher than the average score of all characters in the study and 60% higher with males 18-34.

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