Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude

Adventure Theatre MTC hosted the world premiere production of Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude based on the characters created by Jim Davis. The musical was written by Jim Davis and Michael J. Bobbitt with music by John L. Cornelius II and directed by Nick Olcott, with Garfield played by Evan Casey.

Garfield, a chubby and sarcastic cat, fantasizes about having the most amazing birthday in the history of birthdays.  He deserves it for being the best cat ever!  But it seems all his friends — Arlene, Odie, Jon, and even his nemesis, Nermal, have forgotten.  Feeling rejected, Garfield ventures out to find adventure, but quickly learns that "home is where the heart...and the food is." 

The play is currently being licensed by Rodgers & Hammerstein.