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"The Garfield Show"! Now on Cartoon Network USA and in 130 countries!

The famous fat cat has done it again, this time with an animated children’s program that’s delighting audiences around the world!  “The Garfield Show,” currently in its third season of production, can be found on the air in nearly every country on the globe!  The all-new animated TV show in CGI and high definition was introduced in France in 2008 on France 3 network; the USA, Europe, Eastern Europe, and Latin America on Cartoon Network in 2009; in Canada on Radio Canada and YTV in 2009; in Japan in 2010 on Cartoon Network; and debuted in China in February 2011 on CCTV!

Designed to entertain kids of all ages, the show revolves around a typical (and not-so-typical) day-in-the-life of the surly cat and the characters that inhabit his world.

To date, the show’s library includes 210 original 11-minute stories packaged into 105 half-hour episodes. A production of Dargaud Media and Paws, Inc., the show is produced and animated in Paris, France under the direction of Robert Réa, Director General, and Philippe Vidal, creative director. 

Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, and Mark Evanier, a writer for the highly successful “Garfield and Friends” TV show (CBS-TV), are behind the writing team of “The Garfield Show,” which includes French nationalist writers Julien Magnat, Philippe Vidal, and Peter Berts. 

Since its debut in France, the show attracted a record audience for the network.  In the U.K., the debut show became the top rated show on the network. Since then, it has consistently been in the top three shows for the network.  In 2009, PEOPLE Magazine called the show “one of the best new kids’ shows of the year.”
Garfield’s first foray into television began with the primetime special, “Here Comes Garfield” in 1981.  Since then, thirteen primetime specials have garnered four Emmy-awards.  “Garfield & Friends,” a Saturday morning cartoon for CBS, aired from 1988-1995, and was often the top-rated Saturday morning show for kids across all networks.


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