Jim DavisJim Davis

Garfield creator Jim Davis serves as CEO of licensor Paws, Inc.  Davis is involved in the day-to-day operation of Paws, which handles both the business and creative for Garfield worldwide.  Jim's most important job?  Writing and producing the GARFIELD comic strip, read daily by 200 million people in 42 languages.

"Garfield continues to grow, even after 37 years! New audiences are formed every day thanks to television, publishing, and movies.  It's a blast to keep changing with the times!" says Davis.

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Paws, Inc.

Our Motto: If we take care of the cat, the cat will take care of us.

Garfield's licensing and creative studio is located in rural East Central Indiana.  Forty employees experienced in art, design, writing, licensing, promotions, publishing, television, web design and app development do their best to keep the fat cat in lasagna.

Focused:  Dedicated entirely to serving Garfield, decisions are made in one or two days, not one or two weeks.

Creative: Cartoonists, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, digital artists, 3D designers, music composers, animators—all in-house.

Accommodating: Our account managers are standing by to serve you and we allow free access to our marketing materials and thousands of pieces of artwork 24/7. 

Professional: Veteran business staff composed of sales, account management, financial, legal, information systems, and public relations people.

Committed: Taking care of the cat is personal to us.  Of the 40 employees, 28 have worked together for over 20 years.

Experienced: 39+ years in the industry.

Global: Licensing, syndication, and entertainment in 131 countries in concert with a network of top-notch international agents in every major business center of the world.

Accessible: Yes, you can get to Paws from anywhere! Located in East Central Indiana, Paws is a car-ride away from the Indianapolis International Airport.

Fun: The most important thing:  We have fun!