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Top Ten Reasons to Partner with Garfield

10.  Instant Brand Awareness and Credibility. To know Garfield is to love him. To love him is to buy stuff with his face on it.  Licensing 101.

 9.  Point of Difference.You have THE Garfield. Your competitor has "who is that?"
 8. Pop-culture Icon with Total Family Appeal. Loved by all.  Young. Old. Boy. Girl. Dog. Cat. (We're lying about the dog.)

 7.  Cat-ti-tude. A cat with an ATTITUDE. A puss with PERSONALITY. Let the marketing campaign begin!

 6. Shelf appeal.Your product without Garfield. (Yawn.) Your product WITH Garfield. (FUN, EXCITING, BRIGHT!) Any questions?

 5.  Reach.GARFIELD is the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world, read by over 200 million people daily. In the U.S. alone, that would translate to a media value of about $100 million dollars annually.

 4.  More Reach.So, 200 million people a day doesn't impress you? 25 million people view "The Garfield Show" each week and Garfield has nearly 17 million fans on Facebook.

 3.  Marketing and Creative Support. Garfield brings a team of professionals from Paws, Inc. with him, including his creator, Jim Davis who still bangs out a brilliant idea now and again!

 2. Proven Success. Over 37 years in the biz!  Garfield continues to strut his stuff.

 1. Increase in Product Sales. The bottom line — we know that's what you care about!  Let Garfield give it a boost!

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