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The world's funniest and feistiest feline, Garfield is a human in a cat suit.  Garfield would rather pig out than work out; would like mornings if they started later; has never met a lasagna he didn't like; and has never met a Monday he did!  Whether he's feeding his face, snatching a snooze, or spouting a one-liner, Garfield never fails to amuse.

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A cartoon classic since 1978! Evergreen property!
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Why Garfield? 
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Garfield delivers a clear message—if it's good enough for Garfield—it's really good!
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Over 200 Million books sold! Now that's something to write home about!
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An entertainment empire with comics, TV, movies, a musical, social media, apps!
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Special Events

Garfield can attract a crowd — and even get people to exercise! Several "Garfield Run" events in Asia have attracted thousands of participants!
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Garfield is more than just a quick-wit! He's the eduCATion cat!
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Meet Jim Davis and Paws, Incorporated, Garfield's licensing and creative studio!
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